goat island seascape oil painting by Donna McGee

Featured Artist at Artsy Shark

Featured Artist Artsy Shark Donna McGee

Featured Artist at Artsy Shark

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Irish painter Donna McGee captures the rugged coastline and dramatic beauty of her homeland. See more of her work by visiting her website.

I have been working as an artist from my studio in Dublin for over 20 years. My former career was in financial services. After raising my family, I gave myself permission to dream of a career in the arts, going with my childhood passion and ignoring the age-old advice of getting a “real” job.

Burren Heart and Soul Oil Painting Irish landscape
Atlantic Call Seascape painting 150 x 120 cms
Wild Atlantic Call 150x120cms Oil on Canvas

I have always felt at one with nature. Living in Ireland means I am surrounded with 1,600 miles of rugged coastal beauty along the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the longest defined coastal routes in the world. In addition, exploring Ireland’s Ancient East reveals mystical castles and charming towns and villages. This is a truly inspiring environment for an artist. I feel blessed that I live in the heart of it all.

Slea Head Drive
Slea Head Drive

Listening to the sound of crashing waves like rolling thunder or the gentle lapping of the waves as they dance a rhythm to the shore makes me feel so alive. I savour every breath of salty fresh air. Hiking through mountainous hills and valleys and observing wildlife along the way, I am in awe of the magnificent landscape.

Glendalough Upper Lake 30x40 inch oil
Glendalough Upper Lake 30x40 inch oil

My happy space is—looking up at the vast skylines, the cloud formations and brilliant colours. I get lost in this mystical world.

Evening at Skellig Michael 40x30 cms giclee print of original irish art oil painting
Evening at Skellig Michael
Galway Hookers Set Sail

If only I had time to paint all the beautiful scenes that I have floating around in my head. I am reminded of the quote by Mary Ann F. Kohl,

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.”

I like to travel and always have my camera at hand. I will often make quick sketches that help to implant those special places in my mind. This enables me to create harmonious compositions back in the studio. I paint in oils because I love the intensity of colour that can be achieved. I like to work on large, atmospheric pieces and sometimes insert a surreal element to add an extra touch of mood.

Gurteen Bay, Connemara - Wild Atlantic Way 20x30 inches - Oil on Canvas. Ideal Inspiration - Ideal Homes
Gurteen Bay, Connemara 20x30 inches - Oil on Canvas

Creating art is an avenue for me to connect with a very large community of like-
minded people. I am self-taught, but I returned to college a number of times to study digital media production, marketing and entrepreneurship. I felt those skills
were a must to survive in the art world.

Dalkey Island Oil Painting 30x40 inches on canvas
Dalkey Island Oil Painting 30x40 inches on canvas
I spend a lot of time updating my website and creating social media as these are my main sources of distribution. Exhibiting around the country has led to meeting so many interesting people along the way. I’m forever grateful to those who have put their faith in me and purchased paintings which have found homes across the world. Knowing that they bring joy to others is an absolute honour. It enables me to continue my passion in life—painting!

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Featured Artist Artsy Shark Donna McGee

The article appeared in Artsy Shark July 2022

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