World at Peace, calm view of evening beach, rolling waves - Irish landscape art - blog post Happy and Safe Easter to all - Donna McGee 12Apr20

Happy and Safe Easter to All

This seascape painting – The World at Peace – is a reflective painting.

Take a walk along the waters edge and breathe in that salty sea breeze!


World at Peace, calm view of evening beach, rolling waves Virtual escape from Covid-19 walk the waters edge and breathe the salty sea air
World at Peace 20 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter at this strange and unusual time of Covid-19 across the world.


World at Peace - Oil painting of calm seascape in a room setting Blog Post Happy and Safe Easter to all 12Apr20


It is so lovely when the nation pulls together and shows solidarity in such testing times. We adapt to new situations laid down by our leaders and follow the guidelines laid down by The HSE all to keep us safe.

– wash your hands, regularly.

– observe social distancing by staying 2 m apart

– follow the social etiquette when coughing and sneezing.

– stay home or within a 2 km radius from home

– show consideration and respect to those around you.

There have been many expressions of solidarity – honouring our heroes and those in the front line. We meet with neighbours while observing social distance and light candles in windows and applaud on the street as a show of support.

Parcels are quietly left at doorsteps for those who are cocooning from the virus.

We walk around our locality trying to keep up some level of fitness, always mindful of the 2 km radius that has been imposed upon us. We greet the people we meet along the way – a smile, a wave, an acknowledgement – we are all in this together.

Standing in line at the supermarket – the ground marked with 2 m distance signs. Some take advantage of the time to have a chat while in the queue, some wearing masks and gloves!

So many re-assuring, inspiring, oftentimes hilarious messages across social media keeping us all united in this strange and eerie World of Covid-19.

One of the more poignant messages for me from DigitalPhablet encapsulated it all with 15 random observations learned during Covid 19

1. China won the War 3 without firing a missile

2. Europeans are not educated as they appear (concerned more so with their own nationality rather than European unity)

3. Rich people are no less immune than the poor

4. No priest, Pandit, Utadh or Astrologer could save any patient

5. Health professionals worth more than a football legend

6. Oil is worthless in the society without consumption

7. Animals most likely feel the same in the zoo, as we do while being quarantined

8. The planet regenerates quickly without human interference

9. The majority of people can easily work from home

10. Everyone can survive without junk food

11. Living a hygienic life is not difficult

12. Men can cook too

13. Media is full of nonsense

14. Actors are just entertainers, they’re not heroes

15. Life is so fragile, handle with care!

Another day passes, more statistics revealing the number of cases infected, the number of those who sadly didn’t make it. There is always hope that this virus, this great leveller in society will finally abate.

We are humbled by those in the front line – putting their own lives at risk while taking care of us so well. We recognise, respect and honour those leading our country through these testing times – they have proved so worthy – they are an inspiration to us all – thank you!

It is a time to reflect.

Together, we will get through this! Meanwhile take a virtual tour of that beach and escape this quarantine for just a wee while.

Happy and safe Easter to all.

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