Painting and Poetry – The Perfect Compliment

Painting and Poetry – The Perfect Compliment

An imaginative way to share

– my painting complimented by Aeronwy Thomas poetry.

I was   pleased to be invited by Imagine&Poesia to be their Irish representative and to  pair my painting with the poetry of Aeronwy Thomas.

IMMAGINE&POESIA is the international artistic literary movement founded in Torino, Italy, in 2007, under the Patronage of the late Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas.

The Charter Members were Aeronwy Thomas (poet and writer), Gianpiero Actis (painter), Silvana Gatti (painter), Sandrina Piras (poet) and Lidia Chiarelli (coordinator and ideologist of the Movement).

Since its inception, IMMAGINE&POESIA has continued to grow. Hundreds of poets and artists from all over the world have participated, and the movement now reaches international audiences through the web and through international art exhibitions.

The movement has its MANIFESTO and some international websites and blogs, where it is possible to see how a poem can inspire an artist or an image can inspire a poet.

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