Plein Air painting recall in the garden with Donna McGee

Plein Air Painting Recall

Plein air painting recall of those wonderful, long, hot summer days  in the garden – I so look forward to those sunny days again and when the troubles of the world are more manageable and Covid is no longer a threat to us all.

These are the days when we take time to re-assess, re-evaluate, find new ways to do what we do. Luckily for me, I can continue to paint from my studio and share my work online – you can see my landscape and abstract paintings at why not take a browse through – you might just find what you’re looking for.

Take good care everyone ❤

Here is an extract from my artist statement on Plein Air Painting Recall 

plein air painting recall

Weather permitting, I paint outdoors (en plein air).  Oftentimes challenging  to capture the changing light in a rapidly changing climate.  (It has been known to happen that the wind steals the canvas and comes back for the easel – we won’t even mention the rain and the four seasons in one day!)   I like to visit the annual plein air painting festival in Wexford  Art in the Open and I attended the 7 day Dublin Plein Air Festival this year for the first time – a super experience.  Inspiration is everywhere and travel gives rise to experience new panoramas, diverse rich cultures of taste, colour and smell.  It creates a whole new perspective allowing the painting dictate the journey.  

Sometimes I am just as happy to paint outdoors in my garden when the sun shines.

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