Dalkey Island


Dalkey Island


Step into the world of serenity and history with the mesmerizing Dalkey Island oil painting. A creation that brings forth the beauty and tranquility of this special place, where time seems to stand still.

Look closely at the canvas and you will be transported to this remarkable island just 16 kilometers south of Dublin, a treasure named after the nearby village of Dalkey, which means “thorn island” in Irish. The island holds a rich history, with records dating back centuries, and it has been revered as “St Begnet’s Isle” for generations.

The painting captures the essence of Dalkey Island’s natural wonder. The great big sunlit sky serves as a magnificent backdrop, filling you with a sense of awe and peace. It’s as if the sun itself is blessing this sacred place, illuminating its ancient and historic remains that stand as testaments to human presence throughout the ages.

Artefacts from the island’s Mesolithic era are preserved in the esteemed National Museum in Dublin, revealing the island’s original inhabitants. The island has witnessed the passing of time, from the Neolithic and Iron Age to the early Christian period, leaving behind echoes of those who once roamed its shores.

Dalkey Island’s appeal stretches beyond its historical significance. It serves as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, with a colony of seals gracefully dwelling on its shores and enhancing its charm.




What are the measurements of the painting?

The measurements of the painting are 30×40 inches on canvas and is framed in a white contemporary box frame with inner mount.

Overall size 39 x 49 inches and makes for a very nice statement piece.

Is this an original painting?

Yes, this painting is an original oil painting created by me, Donna McGee and it contains my signature on the front.

Is the painting ready to hang?

Yes, the painting is presented in a white wooden frame with double mount and has a chord on the back making it ready to hang.  All you need is the picture hook on the wall for placement.


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