Ladies View Charm



Ladies View Charm –  just outside Killarney Co. Kerry is a well-known site and tourist attraction.  Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting visited here during the royal visit in 1861. They were so taken with the view that it was named after them.  I have visited this place both in summer and winter – magnificent with the lush countryside in summer and haunting loneliness in winter, but, always quietly  beautiful.  I have attached a photo I took at winter time which I find fascinating – such a difference between the seasons but wouldn’t you agree, both beautiful. Experience the ever-shifting charm of Ladies View through the seasons, from vibrant summer vitality to the haunting allure of winter solitude.

Capture the essence of this picturesque wonder near Killarney, Co. Kerry, where history and beauty converge.


  • Measuring  26 x 30 Cm or 10 x 12 inches in a white moulded wooden frame with gold inlay as indicated.
  • The painting is ready to hang




Immerse yourself in the tranquility and elegance of my interpretation of Ladies View.  Celebrate the allure of Ladies View through my artistic lens, where history and nature intertwine, inviting you to bring home a piece of this captivating landscape.


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