Skerries Gull


Skerries Gull: Capturing the Serenity of North County Dublin’s Coastal Beauty

Experience the tranquility of Skerries created on a picturesque summer’s day and was painted en plein air.

You will be transported to the scenic shores of Skerries, where seagulls gracefully glide through the clear blue sky as the gulls interact with curious onlookers, hoping for a chance at a midday snack from unsuspecting tourists.

The focal point of the painting features a solitary seagull perched upon a rugged rock, its watchful eyes fixed on the vast, inviting sea. This moment of serenity amidst the bustling coastal activity creates a sense of calm and introspection.

Add a touch of coastal charm to your space with this local seascape. Whether you’re a connoisseur of art or simply drawn to the beauty of the sea, this painting is a testament to the beauty of Skerries and the timeless allure of its natural surroundings.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the measurements of the painting?

The measurements of the painting are 10 x 12 inches + frame

Is this an original painting?

Yes, Pigeon House is an original oil painting created by me, Donna McGee and it contains my signature on the front.

Is the painting ready to hang?

Yes, the painting is presented in a bespoke white wooden frame with double mount and has a chord on the back making it ready to hang.

All you need is the picture hook on the wall for placement.


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