6 Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

6 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

The theme / tagline for 2021 is   #ChooseToChallenge   and IWD is celebrated globally  on March 8th annually.

Wear the colours of IWD –  Purple, green and white.  Purple represents justice and dignity which is associated with the efforts to achieve gender equality. Green symbolises hope and white symbolises purity.

  • lobby for accelerated gender parity
  • fundraise for female focussed charities
  • celebrate women’s achievements
“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist, nor to any one organization, but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

Gloria Steinem

Here are 6 ways to celebrate International Women’s Day that we can do to make a positive difference for women:

  1. Celebrate our achievements by acknowledging each other’s success be it big or small.
  2. Increase trust and appreciation of each other through collaborations and shared purpose.
  3. Celebrate and learn from the strong and courageous women who came before us.
  4. Pass on our emotional intelligence and learning to our children so that they will be strong minded, courageous people and achieve their full potential. They too will drive change on gender equality
  5. Show your solidarity by choosing to challenge inequity and calling out aspects that are not helpful to women.
  6. Show compassion to others and to yourself in the knowledge that comparison is the thief of joy – be kind.

How will you celebrate International Women’s Day?

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