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Mother’s Day

Mother's day is on the way!

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I looked for some nice poetry about a mothers love.  Instead, I came upon these wise words from Hindu scripture by the Bhagavad Gita    If my own  dear mother was alive today, this is the type of message she would wish to convey to me.  So, hope you like it!

Life is an adventure … dare it

Life is a beauty … praise it

Life is a challenge … meet it

Life is a duty … perform it

Life is a love …enjoy it

Life is a tragedy … face it

Life is a struggle … fight it

Life is a promise … fulfill it

Life is a game … play it

Life is a gift … accept it

Life is a journey … complete it

Life is a mystery … unfold it

Life is a goal … achieve it

Life is an opportunity …take it

Life is a puzzle … solve it

Life is a song … sing it

Life is a sorrow… overcome it

Life is a spirit … realise it.


So, go on and grab yourself a bargain and show some love to your mother at this special time.

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