Nepal – Return to Kathmandu

Nepal – Return to Kathmandu


Starting off our holiday in Kathmandu, our impression was of a very dirty, smog filled city.  Animals roamed the streets, cows, goats, dogs, monkeys, chickens and hens all scrounging around in search of scraps of food.  Litter, particularly plastic bottles and bags were tossed among the piles of rubble.  Now our return journey brought us to a nicer part of town and so it was good to leave with a better impression of Kathmandu than originally thought.

The main area of activity is Thamel, Dublins’ Temple Bar of Kathmandu.  A hive of activity with shops and restaurants and a place where many westerners frequented.  Busy and interesting but with the constant crawl of taxis, motorbikes blowing their horns and vying for space along the narrow streets, two more days was enough to purchase any last minute gifts etc.

The days start early and end early.  By 10pm, the city is quiet.

Our final night ends with dinner in The Garden of Heaven.

Homeward bound the flights went  from Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi and on to Dublin. Unfortunately, we were put sitting on the left side of the plane, I bent and twisted and strained my neck to try and see out the right side of the plane – there was the full vista of the Himalayas – food for the soul!  The gentleman opposite me in the window seat, settled down to a nice sleep! Can you believe it! As soon as the seat belt signs were switched off, I paced up and down the plane packed to full capacity to see if there just might have been a spare seat in sight.  No such luck!

Home to Ireland, home to family and friends.  Tea and toast!

Quietly, I place a big tick on the virtual box of my bucket list – done!

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