Himalayan Range -Sarangkot 30 x 10" Mixed Media on Nepalese Hand Made Paper

Painting the Himalayan Range – Nepal

Painting the Himalayan Range Sarangkot, Nepal

Himalayan Range -Sarangkot 30 x 10" Mixed Media on Nepalese Hand Made Paper
Himalayan Range -Sarangkot 30 x 10″ Mixed Media on Nepalese Hand Made Paper

This is the first painting I have attempted since my return from Nepal.

We crept out at night and travelled quite a distance in a small little bus. The bus wound its way through the sleepy villages and the world was in complete darkness and at rest.

Our mission  was to witness the sunrise that would sneak up behind the vast Himalayan mountain range.  On an on through the night we travelled until we got to the ridge.  Many had beaten us to this viewpoint, so we had to wiggle our way through the crowds while juggling torches, cameras, bags and God knows what.

We claimed our spot on a mountainside ledge at an altitude of 1600 m with panoramic Himalayan views and tried to capture the magic and vastness of this region.

We were roused to a state of exhilaration as light emerged on the mountaintops and spread its yellow glow!


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