Marley Park Stream


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Marley  park stream holds a special charm in my heart as I am a frequent walker in Marley Park. The gentle flow of the many little streams add to the park’s allure, creating a serene atmosphere as I wander through the woodlands.

Nestled in Rathfarnham, just a short distance from Dublin city centre, Marley Park is my haven of tranquility. With its 86 hectares of lush greenery, it offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Throughout the summer, the park comes alive with the sound of music, as concerts fill the air with joy and laughter. It’s a treat to witness the vibrant energy of people coming together to enjoy the performances in this natural setting.

And on weekends, the park transforms into a vibrant hub of activity with food and craft markets. I love exploring the stalls, savouring delicious treats and admiring the creativity of local artisans.

Marley Park is a place where nature and culture intertwine harmoniously. Its soothing streams, picturesque walks, playgrounds, tennis courts and the delightful buzz of events make it a true gem that I never tire of visiting.

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Also available in limited edition print

What are the measurements of the painting?

The measurements of the painting are 10×8 inches

Is this an original painting?

Yes, this painting is an original oil painting created by me, Donna McGee and it contains my signature on the front.



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