Nepal Fundraiser - Wrapping it all up! nyatapola Temple, Bhaktapur, Nepal 10 x 20″ Mixed Media

Nepal Fundraiser – Wrapping it all up!

Nepal Fundraiser – Wrapping it all up!

Nepal Fundraiser – Raffle Winner


Following on from the recent  Nepal fundraising event, we have a raffle winner.  A total of €500 was raised to support Nepal and  I would like to thank everyone once again for supporting this event.

The lucky winner of the raffle was Josephine Mooney


yatapola Temple, Bhaktapur, Nepal 10 x 20″ Mixed Media - Nepal fundraiser raffle winner

Thought you might like to see the   GOAL Response and an outline about what is currently happening in Nepal:

 “Thank you so much for your generous donation of €500, raised by painting and raffling a picture of one of the Nepalese temples that survived the earthquake. We really appreciate your support for our Nepal Earthquake Emergency Appeal.

GOAL’s Emergency Response Team arrived in the capital, Kathmandu,  within 48 hours of the earthquake. Right now, our team is getting essential provisions such as tents, hygiene kits and jerry cans to those who need them. We are reaching families in remote upland communities outside Kathmandu. However, others still desperately require assistance and we are working night and day with local partners to ensure every family receives the support they need.

Our established operation in bordering India is enabling us to facilitate the buying and distribution of vital supplies.  Your support is helping to make this happen.

Tragically, some news reports have estimated that the final death toll will exceed 10,000. Thousands of people have lost their homes and many more are sleeping in the open because of fear of aftershocks.

There  is  a  severe  shortage  of  food  and  water.    Hospitals  are  overwhelmed  and  there  is  concern  that waterborne and infectious diseases could become a threat. GOAL has handed over medical tents to the   Nepalese health department to support the establishment of outpatient departments close to district   hospitals destroyed by the quake”.

It is so hard to believe that just a few months ago, we visited Nepal – eyes wide with excitement and wonder:

  • being in such close  proximity to the magnificence of the Himalayan mountain range –  you could almost reach out and touch them!

  • visiting nearly all of their many World Heritage Sites, each one more alluring than the other

  • most of all, remembering the people – gentle, humble, caring people who always greeted you with a smile and left a lingering impression, a warmth!

Now, their country has been torn apart and they need your help.  Please keep Nepal in your thoughts and donate what you can to help them through this terrible disaster.


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