Galway Hookers Set Sail


I drove through the stunning landscape of Roundstone, Connemara, Co. Galway.  A stroke of luck led me to a sign advertising the regatta. The prospect of witnessing this long-desired event filled me with joy. Choosing to stay and experience it, I found accommodation nearby, ready to immerse myself in the festivities.

The following day, Roundstone village buzzed with excitement as crowds gathered in anticipation of the regatta. From a beautiful vantage point near the harbour, I had the perfect view to witness the highlight of the day – the Galway Hookers setting sail with their striking red sails. Alongside them, the  currachs raced, propelled by enthusiastic paddlers, eliciting shouts of joy from onlookers of all ages.

In the company of fellow enthusiasts armed with cameras and tripods, I experienced the magic of the moment, capturing the essence of the event for eternity.

“Galway Hookers Set Sail” is an original oil painting, measuring 40 x 80 cms (32 x 16 inches), presented in a contemporary white box frame, ready to adorn your space.

I hope that I have captured the spirit of the occasion, and I invite you to be a part by transporting you to the shores of Co. Galway, where maritime heritage and the joy of community intertwine.





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